Quality of Life Meetings at Village Hall

"You Have Problems, We Have Resolutions"
 Mayor Robert Kennedy


Quality_of_Life_82nd_thumb.jpgIf you are a resident with concerns, suggestions or comments regarding quality of life issues in Freeport, you are invited to join the Mayors' open house meetings every Tuesday from 12 PM – 5 PM—no appointment necessary. You will have the opportunity to meet directly with the Mayor; he will address and attempt to resolve all of your quality of life concerns. For your added convenience, one of our dedicated and experienced Trustees will also be available from 5 PM - 7 PM every Tuesday evening as well.

"This administration realizes the importance of being accessible to our residents as we provide this "OPEN DOOR POLICY". These are opportunities that I believe you deserve and entitled to as residents of our great Village."

For more details, call (516) 377-2252. You can also contact the Mayor via email.