Current Projects

Current CDA Projects - Rebuilding Freeport

127-133 West Sunrise Highway.jpg127-133 West Sunrise Highway

Renovation of Commercial Facade/Signage/Lighting Project. This project will enhance the business district of the Village of Freeport and will stimulate job creation and economic growth with the addition of IHOP, Subway, Taco Bell, Little Ceasar, a?nd other new businesses to come.

421 North Main Street

Renovation of Commercial Facade/Signage Project. As part of the North Main Street Corridor Master Plan, this project will help revitalize the North Main Street area. Steven's Repair Shop is one of the oldest business establishments in the Village of Freeport.

190 East Sunrise Highway.JPG190 East Sunrise Highway

Boulevard Designs Services - Renovation of Commercial Facade/Signage Project. Maker of custom cabinetry for your dining room, bedroom, media unit, or architectural wood work for your home or place of business. Boulevard Designs will provide jobs and training.


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