Public Works

Service Objective 

The objective of the Department of Public Works is to provide a full range of public works services that meet the current needs and expectations of the residents and other users. These services can be considered quality-of-life services as well as typical maintenance and custodial services. These services are primarily on public property and include infrastructure and providing of water, sewer and storm water utilities.

Additionally, we provide beautification efforts and storm response.

Department Philosophy

Public Works is a generic label for services provided to people relating primarily to maintenance and protection of public properties and utilities. The Village of Freeport Department of Public Works includes the following divisions:

  • Central Garage
  • Engineering
  • Grounds keeping
  • Highway
  • Sanitation
  • Street and Parking Field Maintenance
  • Traffic control
  • Waterfront

The responsibilities of the department range from providing drinking water to the residents to street sweeping, snow removal, drainage ditch maintenance, leaf collection, traffic signal, and building maintenance.


The Public Works Department will provide superior service to the community that is responsive and cost effective. This service shall be provided by dedicated, trained and responsible employees who are committed to excellence.


  • Our credibility within the community
  • Personal and organizational integrity
  • Fiscal accountability
  • Providing a better quality of life for all residents
  • Leadership role in emergency response and recovery activities
  • Our hard-working employees, who are dedicated and who possess the highest ethical and moral standards
  • Our commitment to public service
  • Our flexibility
  • Teamwork and being team players


  • It is the goal of the Sanitation Department to develop waste reduction and recycling programs to reduce the cost of refuse collection
  • It is the goal of the Public Works Department to provide the necessary infrastructure improvements for economic development of vacant parcels and redevelopment of existing land use to the village-wide theme of the administration
  • It is the goal of the Engineering Department to provide the engineering required to eliminate street flooding in a cost effective and permanent way
  • It is the goal of the Sewer and Highway Departments to protect the environment through the effective management, operation and maintenance of the sanitary and storm-water system
  • It is the goal of the Public Works Department to be responsive to citizen, inter-departmental and outside agencies' requests
  • It is the goal of the Public Works Department to be innovative and use the latest technology available in developing fiscally responsible programs
  • It is the goal of the Grants / Waterfront Division to protect and enhance our waterways and those properties that are adjacent

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